Orangutan Slackline - 15M - 50MM with tree protector and training line
59,00 €

Orangutan Slackline - 15M - 50MM with tree protector and training line

59,00 €



Mēs piegādājam tikai tos produktus, kas ir noliktavā. Jūs varat pārbaudīt pieejamību iepriekš. Lielākā daļa pasūtījumu tiek nosūtīti tajā pašā darba dienā un piegādāti nākamajā darba dienā..

Although the Orangutan Classic Slackline is designed to be enjoyed by experienced slackliners, due to it's design characteristics, it is also suitable for beginners. With the perfect combination of elasticity, without being too flexible, the Classic line gives you the perfect bounce and walking experience for those first steps. Any novice will be able to progress quickly using this line.

The Orangutan Slackline company have been involved in the balancing arts and developing professional training lines for over two decades. This line is their easy-to-use entry-level model for those interested in the world of Slacklines.

This kit comes with everything you need to safely build your Slackline and start learning balancing tricks straight away. At 50mm wide and 15m long it is versatile and geared towards novice users. It will also be enjoyed by more experienced users.

The set comes complete with a professional standard ratchet and carry bag to keep your rig portable - you'll be ready for every environment. Full instructions on assembly and performance tips included. Learn to walk, skip and hop on your Orangutan slackline.

1x 15m Orangutan Slackline with loop, 1x Ratchet and Loop, 1x Drawstring Travel Bag. Great for keeping your phone/keys safe while you are slacklining!

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